My Approach

For over five decades of piano teaching, I have experimented with many approaches. After testing all the courses that were available, I decided to write my own method, hoping to correct many of the problems I have found in other books. In partnership with two other teachers, I published these books and have been selling them to other teachers as well as using them with my students for over twenty years. Even though I use other books with older students, I incorporate many of the ideas from my own books into their lessons.

Parents are invited to sit in on lessons whenever they like, especially at the beginning so they will understand what we are doing and how to help at home. Each child is unique in the way she/he learns. My job is to find the best ways to teach each child. For example, in teaching rhythm I will probably use movement, speech rhythm, clapping, counting and playing until the student has developed a steady beat and can look at a pattern and know how it sounds. For note reading we use written pages, singing on note names, singing patterns, and many note-reading games.

My approach to performance for my students is a very informal, comfortable one. We have two playing parties (recitals) a year--one with only the students and one with families. These parties are brief, relaxed, and fun! Most of the students look forward to them, especially the cookies!

student at piano

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Carole Tillotson is an outstanding piano teacher. Carole began teaching both my son and daughter when they were 6 years old. They have both progressed steadily and gained confidence from their lessons. I highly recommend Carole to any student fortunate enough to work with her.

Sarah McVeigh

Carole is an excellent piano teacher who has high expectations for her students — and she gives them the tools to meet those expectations. My son, now in his 8th year with Carole, learned more from her in his first month than he did in an entire year with his previous teacher. And he’s enjoyed the journey. The fact that he’s 15 and still wants to take lessons pretty much says it all.

Terri Porter