Please see the complete Lakewood piano studio policy if your question is not answered here.

What’s your summer attendance policy?

All students are required to attend four lessons during the summer in order to save a place in the fall. Lessons may be scheduled weekly or two lessons in a week.

How many lessons are there per year?

There are thirty-four lessons during the school year including any rehearsals or playing parties. Two make-up lessons are automatically scheduled in May for any missed lessons during the year.

When are tuition payments due?

Tuition payments are due by the seventh of each month whether or not your child is in class. A $15 late fee will be charged for payments received after the 7th. Please make checks payable to Carole Tillotson. Automatic payment set up through your bank is the best way to pay tuition.

Please contact me if you have additional questions not covered here or in the complete studio policy. Thank you!